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Weight loss diet: These 5 delicious recipes made with whey can help control your weight

Yogurt is easy to digest and incredibly beneficial for the digestive system. It can also be used easily to prepare delicious curries.

When my weight loss journey began, of course, I started with exercise routines and diet control. Every day I would have the same kind of chili, a bowl full of vegetables, green tea, etc. But eating these diet and weight loss recipes quickly became boring for me. And when that happened, I always found myself hungry for something a little more indulgent. So when I was researching different recipes and experimenting with my meals, I discovered that yogurt is one of those ingredients that you can play with. Yogurt is easy to digest and incredibly beneficial for the digestive system. It can easily be used to make a delicious curry that is more fun any day than just eating chili. In addition, yogurt is also something that does not affect your weight much. To try some curd recipes, here are some dishes that you can add to your menu. Check them out below:

Here are 5 curd recipes that can help you lose weight:

Sambac milk:

This recipe is one of our top recommendations! A South Indian delicacy infused with local spices and enriched with delicious yoghurt. Sambar fits well with dosa, idli, vada, appams and more. This dish is rich in nutrients and full of delicious spices. You can prepare this sambar recipe in no time.

Sangri Kanda:

This is a delicious traditional Rajasthani curry. Sangri beans usually have a mild flavor, but they can be made into a savory meal depending on how you cook them. In this recipe, make breakfast cereal from curd with various Indian spices to make a distinctive and nutritious dish. You can have this with roti.

Morrow Carey:

Moru curry will be ready in 20 minutes with just a few everyday household items. This delicious meal is cooked with buttermilk, coconut oil, shredded coconut, and simple South Indian spices, which give the curry its original flavor. You can say that this recipe is the south Indian version of north indian kadhi.

Buttermilk chicken with broccoli:

For a raucous weekend night dinner, here’s a simple solution. This chicken recipe has it all, from flavor to flavor, and it’s quick to prepare. For a balanced and healthy dinner, serve it with broccoli and enjoy! Plus, this chicken recipe is simply divine for any non-vegetarian diet fan!

Chaach Khichdi:

The curds in the Chaach Wali Khichdi recipe add depth, texture, and flavor to the khichdi. As usual, cook the khichdi in a pressure cooker, and add the vegetables towards the end. Then the dish is finished with yogurt with besan.


repare these delicious dishes today and keep your weight under control! Tell us which one you liked the most.

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