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Sandeep Pandit is renowned chef for cooking, food techniques

Celebrity chef Sandeep Pandit is known for the amazing dishes he prepared at a popular cooking show in Australia. Pandit, who is from Kashmir, launched her own range of spices called “The Spice Angel” in Australia and India as well. When he was in Goa last week at the Jasmine Hotel where they cooked an Australian barbecue for the day.

1. While creating new recipes, do you try them on your friends and family?

Every time I make a new recipe, I do a taste test. If I like it, ask for the opinion of my son and wife (they are both very honest). If I make it to the family taste test, I pass it on to my friends and neighbors. I have an idea in the world, I don’t do anything I don’t like to eat, if I don’t like to taste.

2. Why is it important to know how to eat well?

It’s a difficult question to answer because it’s like a chicken and like an egg. Sometimes you’re surprised by something you don’t know and other times, you’ve decided something is wrong and you don’t like eating it!
I’d better know what food to cook, but if you like any food you don’t know about. It’s a very humane choice in my opinion.

3. Did you grow up in a family that eats food?

Tino! Meal times were a big activity when I was a kid in Kashmir. We need to be stronger during my family’s journey. But every time we meet the extended family, it’s the food and the conversations. I think Kashmiri culture (like most small Indian cultures) is a central food. From daily meals to gatherings, every day is a feast for my family.

4. What is your favorite food when eating and what is your favorite food when cooking?

The answer to these two questions is Indian food! India is very big, very complex and has a lot of Indian foods, so it takes a long time or more to explore them all. I was fortunate enough to travel across the country and enjoy delicious food in most parts of our country. With that, I still see the joys of the East Coast.

5. How has the Australian Cooking Competition helped your career in the food industry?

It has helped me become a leading name in many parts of the world, and most importantly, it has downgraded my culinary skills! I knew there was a lot to learn about Indian and international cuisine. It also opened my eyes to beautiful local produce and authentic Australian produce.

6. Does the childhood educator live well?

The answer to that is easy.. somber with rice, frying pan on the side.

7. The type of food that has become too much for you should also indicate that it is the food that you want to replace.

To my knowledge, the keto diet is by far the most important. Make no mistake, I respect everyone’s choices about food, however, Keto (I think) is very much appreciated. I like that people turn to the wise eating habits recommended by ancient traditions. Ayurvedic food offers different variety. The student in the diet has more benefit from including a diet rich in proteins and fats.

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