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James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water has a release date. Details here

We have the best news on the internet today. James Cameron’s long-awaited project. Yes, we are talking about the avatar. Finally, news of the story arrived. First, let’s start with the title – Avatar: The Way of the Water. delivery date? The movie will be released in theaters on December 16th. It was announced at CinemaCon. The film makers posted a poster featuring the movie’s title on Instagram with the caption, “CinemaCon, Avatar: The Way of the Water has just been announced in theaters December 16, 2022.”
Avatar: The Way of Water starring Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver, Eddie Falco, Giovanni Ribisi, Michelle Yeoh, Jermaine Clement, Oona Chaplin, and more.

According to Variety, those who attended CinemaCon got their first look at the trailer. Everyone who wears 3D glasses, shakes their heads for James Cameron’s masterpiece. The trailer, which will transport you into the amazing world of Pandora, will be officially revealed in theaters ahead of the upcoming MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The movie will be released on May 6.

During the teaser show, producer John Landau said, “We need to make sure [fans] have an experience they can’t get anywhere else, they just have to stay in theaters.”

In September last year, the first images from Avatar: The Way Of Water were posted on Twitter.

According to a short story about Avatar: The Way of the Water, “Jack Sully and his new family live on the planet Pandora. They are the people of Navi to protect their world.”

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