Delhi Auto Driver Creates Vegetable Garden On Roof

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One motorist in Delhi makes a rooftop garden for his family and receives praise

With record-breaking temperatures in April, the summer season started early this year. People come up with innovative ways to beat heat and cooling, in addition to the traditional cooling methods. Cooling off in the summer heat is easy with food and drinks. A Delhi motorist came up with an innovative way to keep his passengers and him cool. The driver created a whole park on top of his motorized buggy.

Delhi heat moving garden plants on the roof of the autorickshaw Mahender Kumar 25 types of vegetables and flowers: दिल्ली की चुभती गर्मी से बचने को ऑटोवाले ने ढूंढा गजब का जुगाड़,

Mahendra Kumar, a 48 year-old driver from Delhi, thought up this clever idea to keep his passengers and himself cool in the heat of summer. In his mobile garden, he has grown more than 20 varieties of vegetables and herbs. In his garden, he even planted lettuce, tomatoes, and millet. Kumar laid a first rug on the roof. Then he added soil to the bag. To keep the plants green and healthy, water them twice daily.

This idea came about two years ago, during peak summer season. Kumar explained to AFP that he thought it would be possible to grow plants on the roof and keep my car cool. This would also help relieve the heat for my passengers. He said, “Now it’s more natural air conditioning.” “Passengers are so happy after a flight, they won’t mind paying me an additional 10 to 20 dollars.”

Online, citizens have praised the unique idea of a Delhi car driver. Many passersby take pictures of Kumar Park and ask for his advice.


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