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Australian PM’s Last Dinner ‘Desi’ Stops Talking Online, Here’s Why

PM Morrison allowed us to see a glimpse into his meal, which featured baingan sabzi (Sri Lankan) and bhindi-sabzi (Sri Lankan). The chicken korma was also a classic.

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, seems to be a big fan. We have witnessed him make and enjoy delicious Indian dishes, including samosas and chutneys. But that’s not all. Many netizens have been impressed by her social media posts, where she talks about everything. Each of her food posts is a hit and receives thousands of comments and likes. One of his most recent posts on Facebook was however not well-received by netizens. It’s just how it is! As per his tradition, Prime Minister Morrison gave us a peek at his last meal featuring Sri Lankan baingan sabzi. The chicken korma was also a classic. It’s nice to spend a night in. Curry it. Sri Lankan tamarind eggplants, curry okra, and classic chicken korma. A strong curry. Strong economy. He added that a stronger future is possible. Take a look at these:

The Prime Minister Morrison’s post on Facebook went viral in a matter of minutes and attracted the attention many netizens. The post received more than 25,000 reactions and 8,000 comments. Although some people liked the post of the prime minister, others were critical of the texture and taste of the chicken korma.

One comment said, “Looks amazing. Your chicken curry is amazing. Scott, another wrote: “Wow! That looks amazing!” Another comment said: “You’re a great cook, Mr. PM!” You look great.

Some people were critical of the sauce, saying that it was “broken.” It will return if you make it at a restaurant. Second comment: “Great curry Chicken?” It tastes like chicken with heavy cream. Another comment said: “It is raw and the food that my grandfather ate at his home was definitely 5 star compared to this.”

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