Do you realize that there are additionally such countless costly telephones on the planet, which cost more than the extravagance vehicle worth crores. Today we are informing you concerning such cell phones in which gold and jewels are studded.

In the event that we notice the costly cell phone, just telephones up to 2-3 lakh rupees come in the brain. You will likewise get your most exceptional telephones of organizations like Apple, Samsung in the scope of 2-3 lakh rupees. In any case, do you realize that there are such telephones on the planet which are worth crores. These telephones are costly even with extravagance vehicles worth crores. You will likely be amazed to hear their cost. Today we are informing you concerning the most costly telephone on the planet. Likewise, we will reveal to you why their cost is so high and what is their strength.

Falcon Supernova I phone 6 pink diamond – You will be stunned to hear the cost of this telephone. The cost of this telephone is 4.8 crores. This telephone is planned by Falcon. Notwithstanding, its assembling organization is Apple. It is the most sumptuous and costly cell phone on the planet. Such telephones are made in a tweaked way. In this, the iPhone 6 has been altered and arranged. 24 carat gold has been utilized in this telephone. Precious stones have been introduced in the telephone to make it extraordinary. The telephone case has additionally been set up from Platinum and Rose Gold.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold-The cost of this telephone is 0.940 crores. This telephone is planned by Stuart Hughes. The iPhone 4S Elite Gold has around 500 precious stones. This telephone has been set up from 24 carat gold. 53 precious stones have been put on Apple’s logo in the telephone. Interestingly, in this telephone, a genuine piece of dinosaur bone has likewise been utilized alongside platinum. This telephone has been totally modified.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose-This telephone is likewise planned by Stuart Hughes. The expense of the telephone is 0.8 crore rupees. Around 500 precious stones have been placed in it. 7.4 carat single cut jewels have been set around the beginning catch in the telephone.

Gold striker iPhone 3GS Supreme-The cost of this telephone is 0.32 crores. It has likewise been planned by the most celebrated British planner Stuart Hughe and his organization Gold striker. Gold striker iPhone 3GS Supreme cell phone utilizes 221 carat strong gold and 200 jewels of 271 grams. The telephone has 53 precious stones in Apple’s logo and a huge jewel in the beginning catch.

iPhone 3G Kinga Button- Australia’s renowned gem dealer Peter Alisson has arranged this telephone. The cost of the iPhone 3G Kinga Button telephone is Rs. 0.25 crores. To make the telephone extraordinary, an enormous precious stone has been introduced in its beginning catch. It has utilized 18 carat yellow, white and rose gold. There are 138 precious stones in the side portion of this telephone. Which give it an extremely unique look

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